Niclas Wörmann

Web Developer

Currently I am a dual student

After the graduation from high school in 2010, I have completed an apprenticeship as an IT specialist in application development. During the apprenticeship, I habe always taken projects in web development. In my private life I also very engaged in this development. After the apprenticeship I worked for another 3/4 year as a full-time web developer. Finally, I decided to complete an integrated degree program (B.Sc. Business Informatics, speciality Business-Process-Management). By this time the interest in web development was increasingly growing so I did not want to say goodbye in this area. To ensure that this milestone was laid I seeked to additional employment in web development.

Personal Info

Date of birth
February 2nd, 1991
Twachtweg 87a
33739 Bielefeld
0152 / 534 868 01


2013 - now

dual student

from October 2013 to present day

dual student

Currently I am in a integrated degree program to get graduated in business informatics with the speciality in business process management at the FHDW in Bielefeld.

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January - September 2013